Updates to Mobile Haystax iOS v1.26 and Android v1.4

Updates to Mobile Haystax iOS v1.26 and Android v1.4

Mobile Haystax was recently updated for both iOS and Android. On May 10, Android was updated to version 1.4. This update focused on addressing several bugs. The details of the major fixes are noted below.

  • Fixed – Asset search by address was fixed to ensure better results when searching by street address in the asset list.
  • Fixed: Asset and associated items and related items links were improved to ensure data consistency.
  • Fixed – Corrected an issue where the status of assessments on the mobile app did not align with that on the browser version of the system.
  • Fixed – Addressed an issue where annotations created in the mobile app would not properly display the date of creation.

Mobile Haystax for iOS was updated the following day on May 11 to also address key bugs.

  • Fixed – The threat streams details in the map application were improved to provide complete details visibility.
  • Fixed – Addressed an issue to ensure assessment templates created through the new assessment builder feature are accessible and displayed correctly in the mobile app.

iOS previously received a minor update to 1.25 that addressed the following:

  • Fixed – Corrected an issue where tag filtering did not work on the map app.
  • Fixed – Addressed a problem preventing asset photo titles from being updated.
  • Fixed – Resolved an issue with users being redirect o the web-based Haystax system when logging in via SSO.

Please reach out to your Haystax representative with any questions or feedback.

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