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California Common Operating Picture

for Threat Awareness

The California Common Operating Picture for Threat Awareness (Cal COP) is a cloud-based information-sharing environment available to all public safety agencies within California’s eight Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) regions.

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Cal COP leverages local and regional risk management and critical infrastructure assessments — layered with real-time data on human-generated and technological threats and natural hazards — to create a common threat awareness picture. With Cal COP, our users more rapidly and effectively understand California’s emerging threat environment across public safety disciplines, agencies, and jurisdictional boundaries. Access to the system is managed securely through user-based roles and responsibilities.

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Program History and Milestones

• 2009: First Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) risk analysis conducted.

• 2010: Regional risk analyses, THIRAs and CIKR assessments for eight UASIs and several fusion centers conducted.

• 2011: Situational awareness capabilities added across the UASIs and Fusion Centers.

• 2013: Statewide sharing initiated with the addition of Cal OES, STAC, CHP and CAL FIRE.

• 2014: Cal COP statewide situational awareness system operational.

• 2017: Cal COP recognized as a FEMA Innovative Practice Project.

Core Use Cases

• Regional risk analysis for UASI grant funding

• Critical infrastructure asset management, with threat and vulnerability assessments

• Special-event management and regional/statewide situational awareness

• Statewide threat awareness common operating picture

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Statewide License Eligibility

• All public safety agencies located within the original eight UASI regions.

• Statewide annual maintenance and hosting is funded through the Coalition of California UASIs (CCU).


• “Embodies a unified common operating picture through continuous partnerships and collaborations.”

• “Enhances the region’s risk analysis processes, critical infrastructure protection activities and strategic security planning.”

– Current Cal COP Users