Updates to Mobile Haystax iOS v1.24 Android v1.3

Updates to Mobile Haystax iOS v1.24 Android v1.3

Mobile Haystax was recently updated for both iOS and Android. On January 20, iOS was updated to version 1.24. The major feature in this update is the addition of background blue force tracking capabilities. Now, when a user is signed in as part of a team on the mobile app and elects to share their location, they can close the app and continue sharing. They will see a notification on their phone indicating they area sharing their location. The notification cannot be dismissed without reopening the app and turning off the location sharing.

The iOS update also included a security upgrade and multiple bug fixes. Details can be found below.

  • Security – A deprecated API has been replaced with a new one, to ensure improved security and reliability.
  • Fixed – Corrected an issue where assessments submitted via iOS app would not trigger Fusion jobs.
  • Fixed – Addressed an issue with incorrect location reporting when switching between tenants on the same device.
  • Fixed – Ensured Team Member location data has proper permissions applied.
  • Fixed – Addressed an issue where a newly created item’s permissions would not reflect default tenant settings.
  • Fixed – Ensured proper error code handling after bug in which subsequent re-tries returned http error 403.
  • Fixed – Fixed an issue where permissions settings screen would become unavailable (blank) after modification.

Additionally, Mobile Haysax for Android was updated to 1.3 on January 8. This update addressed bugs around missing search results, displaying team member locations when switching between tenants, and upgrades to 3rd party libraries to resolve text searching issues.

Please reach out to your Haystax representative with any questions or feedback.

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