Updates to Haystax/Cal COP 2.6, Mobile Haystax Android 1.2

Updates to Haystax/Cal COP 2.6, Mobile Haystax Android 1.2

Haystax/Cal COP and Mobile Haystax for Android have been updated!

Update 2.6.0 to Haystax was released on November 25. The update centered around adding a template builder feature, enabling users to create their own templates to collect data. This is currently enabled in our training and demo tenant and will be made available for assessments in customer tenants in the near future. The template builder for assessments will allow users to create, edit, and manage their own assessment forms. Users will be able to add questions with the following answer types: single choice, multiple choice, short answer open text box, long answer open text box, and number. In future releases, template builder will be added to additional apps such as events and incidents.

Update 2.6 also addressed numerous bugs.

  • Asset Overview widget sometimes doesn’t update without reload
  • Incident created from a Threat Stream missing some data
  • Sometimes able to save objects without permissions defined
  • Existing tags sometimes get deleted when adding a new tag
  • Certain Incident types not getting exported to Excel
  • Sometimes dates are displayed inaccurately in the Table widget
  • Print View filtering issue
  • Issue accessing Manage Access page with redaction enabled
  • Graphs sometimes truncate bars over 95%
  • Asset List pie charts sometimes incorrect
  • Field Report issues


Additionally, Mobile Haysax for Android was updated to 1.2 on November 18. The most significant change to the app was enabling assessments submitted through the app to result in the creation of an assessment score. The update also addressed bugs around default permissions, annotation creation, and URL misdirections.

Please reach out to your Haystax representative with any questions or feedback.


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