System Update 2.3.2

System Update 2.3.2

A new system update was just released for Haystax, known locally as Cal COP. Here are a couple of the changes you will see from this update:

  • Bulk upload assets: in the Asset app, look for a new icon in the top, right of the screen. Clicking this will let you upload multiple assets from an Excel file. You’ll be asked to map the columns in your file to the fields in the asset record, letting you use your own Excel file instead of a standardized import one.
  • New photo/document widget features: the widget now offers a new carousel display mode, in addition to providing new sorting options and the ability to indicate a primary image.
  • Mandatory assessment questions: assessments within Cal COP can now be modified to make specific questions required. To make this change to your site, please have your regional administrator reach out to your Haystax project manager.

For questions about these latest updates, please reach out to your Haystax project manager.

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