Haystax/Cal COP Updated to Version 2.9.1

Haystax/Cal COP Updated to Version 2.9.1

Haystax/Cal COP has been updated!

Update 2.9.1 to Haystax was released yesterday, March 11. The update included the following features:

  • Assessment template builder – added ability to copy assessment components from another assessment template.
  • Assessment template builder – re-ordering of questions enabled.
  • Terrorism Risk Model Enhancements – streamlined model and result display.
  • Events application – introduced new special events template based on parameters used in the Department of Homeland Security annual data call.
  • Threat Streams – improved article analyzation to incorporate additional types of article contents in analysis.
  • How-To Videos – Under Help, added multiple short video training clips on how to do critical system tasks.

Update 2.9 also addressed numerous bugs.

  • Fixed – Issue with simultaneous display of Assets on both sides of International Date Line (IDL) on Map.
  • Fixed – Issue with printing “Pending Invitations” list page.
  • Fixed – Incorrect/invalid longitude and latitude values will cause issues with properly loading Location widget.
  • Fixed – Issue with sizing of embedded screenshots in online User Guide.
  • Fixed – Unclear warning message when adding more than 20 data groups to a Field Report.
  • Fixed – Field Report print view opening in the same browser window.
  • Fixed – Authentication issue with some hosted map layers.
  • Fixed – Password reset link took user to wrong page.

Please reach out to your Haystax representative with any questions or feedback.


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