Haystax/Cal COP Updated to Version 2.18

Haystax/Cal COP Updated to Version 2.18

Haystax/Cal COP has been updated!

Update 2.18 was released today, November 30. The update included the following features:

  • Assessment export improvements – Introduced additional filtering for exported data by Assessment Modified Date and individual sections of the assessment.
  • Asset import improvements – Added support to provide database connection parameters in the script that does batch import of assets.
  • Security updates – Linux and third party library upgrades.

Update 2.18 also addressed numerous bugs.

  • Fixed – Text filtering on List pages was not being carried over to Print View page.
  • Fixed – Text filtering/search not working when Date filter on the Audit Log page is applied.
  • Fixed – Field Report document attachments were being added with wrong permissions, should match Field Report.
  • Fixed – Address validation on Field Report was not setting location Lat/Long values.
  • Fixed – Daily digest emails had incorrect Field Report and Asset links.
  • Fixed – Daily digest emails lacking clear explanation on what time period is covered in the report.
  • Fixed – Error thrown when adding an Asset to a new user when the Asset has special characters in the name.
  • Fixed – New Assets were created with incorrect default location coordinates.
  • Fixed – Asset Location view page map zooming issues.
  • Fixed – Unable to complete an Assessment if the template has required questions in a dependent subsection.
  • Fixed – UI Import Asset feature would not properly create Assets having redaction enabled.
  • Fixed – Display issue with some labels in the Details modal on the Event app.
  • Fixed – Roll-up reports for Incident and Field Report apps were being created with incorrect number of items.
  • Fixed – Assessment roll-up report sometimes reported incorrect counts for some of the choice questions.


Please reach out to your Haystax representative with any questions or feedback.


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