Haystax/Cal COP Updated to Version 2.10

Haystax/Cal COP Updated to Version 2.10

Haystax/Cal COP has been updated!

Update 2.10 to Haystax was released today, April 5. The update included the following features:

  • Terrorism Risk model reporting page – Introduced dedicated reporting page for Terrorism Risk results, complete with filtering options and charts.
  • Terrorism Risk results visibility – Implemented visibility controls for Terrorism Risk results display for protected assets.
  • PDF print option on Assessments – Added print to PDF option under Assessment App.
  • Asset’s Custom Table widget in Assessment overview – Added custom table widget to the Assessment overview page, to show additional asset’s data.
  • Assessment Template builder meta data edit  – Improvements to allow editing of template’s meta data, such as permissions.
  • Assessment Template import – Visual improvements to Assessment Template import configuration dialog, to include more accurate helper text and descriptions.
  • Assessment Template builder – Various improvements in the Assessment Template builder, aimed at more intuitive presentation of available configuration options.
  • Event App form field ordering – Changes to support predictable ordering of input fields for Event App forms.
  • Moving Field Report App widgets – Introduced a change to how drag-n-drop is used to move widgets in the workspace. Controls refocused to the widget’s header area only.

Update 2.10 also addressed numerous bugs.

  • Fixed – Addressed issues with filtering on text with special characters on List pages.
  • Fixed – Corrected filtering issues in print view pages of the Activity Log.
  • Fixed – Opacity occasionally reverting back to default 100% on the Map app.
  • Fixed – Location (map) widget in Field Reports app missing some data layers.
  • Fixed – Field Report app Linked Data widget display issues for protected assets.
  • Fixed – Corrected list of applicable widgets in Field Report app.
  • Fixed – Event app print view sometimes missing address data.
  • Fixed – Resolved formatting issues with Pending Invitation print view.

Please reach out to your Haystax representative with any questions or feedback.


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