System Update 7.12.6

System Update 7.12.6

The Haystax Technology engineering team recently pushed out update 7.12.6 to all the Cal COP sites. Please see below for the full details.

Release Notes

Digital Sandbox 7.12.6

October 2017


This document outlines the Release Notes for Digital Sandbox (DS) 7.12.6.  This document includes notes on:

  1. Hardware and Software Specifications
  2. New Major Features
  3. Additional Enhancements & Corrections
  4. Known Outstanding Issues

1.   Hardware and Software Specifications

Client machine requirements:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or newer, or Firefox release 3.0 or newer
    • Note: Older versions of these browsers do not optimally display the website
    • Note: The Watchboard map works best in Firefox or Chrome
  • Microsoft Office Suite 2000 or newer (for viewing Word and Excel reports)
  • Adobe Reader (for viewing PDF reports)
  • Adobe Flash 10 plug-in (for viewing interactive Geo Monitor map)
  • 1.5 GHz processor or faster
  • 1GB RAM or more
  • Network Card (wireless or wired)
  • Recommended screen resolution (minimum): 1024 x 768

2.   New Major Features

The following is a list of major features added in DS 7.12.6:

  • Feed Email Notification Indicator Image. Now users have the ability to have an Indicator image attached to their email notification when using the feed email notification feature. Contact your project manager for more details.
  • Direct Access User Management.  Users are no longer are required to be in a ‘Direct Access’ security group, they can exist in the system without being assigned to any security group.

3.   Additional Enhancements and Corrections

The following is a list of additional changes you will notice in this release:

  • Fixed indicator error on Watchboard when a feed item does not have a latitude and longitude.
  • Removed source link from feed notifications.
  • Added NPG 2nd Edition Capabilities to the Preparedness Graphs Section
  • Expand Capability Assessment Notes field and added a scrollbar for better visibility
  • Added Capability summary notes field to Capability Assessment report
  • Added the Notes column to the “Target Report” on the Capability Assessment Detail page
  • Added the “Phone” field to Asset/Assessment Response Org list page and edit pop up window
  • Added the “Create New” button to the Assessments, Capability Assessments & Indicator List screens
  • Only “Approved” Priority Assessments can change the asset’s priority value
  • Increased the speed of the Assessment List Page.
  • Updated Asset Details Geo-Location tab mini-map to use newer up-to-date ESRI street map which the Geo Monitor also uses

4.   Known Issues / Inconsistencies

The following is a list of the major known issues / inconsistencies in DS 7.12.6:

  • In Firefox, groupings of items in the Timeline Monitor may be truncated
  • In Chrome and Safari, items in the timeline may appear in GMT instead of the user’s time-zone
  • More than one user may create an Asset or Threat Group of the same name, so that group names may list more than once on screens supporting group filter drop-lists, especially if groups have been enabled for public access
  • In deployments where a) a customer has a long list of jurisdictions, b) some of those jurisdictions have sub-jurisdictions beneath them and c) a user has access to enough jurisdictions that the jurisdiction filter drop-down list is forced to scroll, the sub-jurisdiction sub-menus do not scroll properly to match with the parent item. The sub-menus still appear and are accessible, but they are not properly aligned
  • When using Firefox to access the Monitoring section, your mouse wheel may not work as expected. In Internet Explorer, the mouse wheel correctly zooms in and out of the GIS display, but in Firefox the wheel may cause the page to scroll
  • Certain screens within the application do not display optimally in older browsers, for instance:
    • When using Internet Explorer 6, you may need to scroll to the far top to access a pop-up window.
    • For Firefox 2.x, filter drop-downs do not open when clicked upon.
    • The Monitoring section does not function in either Internet Explorer 6 or Firefox 2.x.
    • Both of these browsers suffer from insufficient support of web-based standards, and users are highly encouraged to upgrade to a more current browser.
    • The top menu may appear behind the Geo-Monitor in Chrome

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