System update 2.3.3

System update 2.3.3

Cal COP received update 2.3.3 today. Users will now see the following features:

  • Address validation and lookup: when entering an asset, the system will now suggest places from a data set of existing place names. If the place is found and selected, the address and lat/long will be populated automatically from this data set information. Additionally, there is now an address validation button on the asset overview page that, when clicked, will prompt the system to try to complete and validate the asset address. Street address and state are required to perform validation.
  • New object creation on map: users can now create assets, incidents, and events from the map. By right-clicking any location on the map, users will be able to select the object type they would like to create. The lat/long of the new object will be populated based on the location clicked on the map.
  • Annotation visibility: admin users can now limit visibility of annotations. By turning the new “annotate” role off/on on a user’s permissions, admins can restrict who can view annotations on assets, assessments, and elsewhere.

In addition to the major features above, the system update included improvements to responsive mobile layouts, security updates, bug fixes, and the ability to set some object fields as mandatory or read-only across a tenant.

Please reach out to your Haystax project manager if you have any questions about this update.

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