Recent Release (7.12.1)

Recent Release (7.12.1)

Overview of 7.12.1 Features (Released 3/13/15)

  • Mobile Field Interview App. DS 7.12.1 includes support for a new Mobile Field Interview app which allows users to complete field interviews using mobile devices, capturing information and photographs about the person, vehicles, weapons, the location, and reason for the interview. Mobile Field Interview app users can also search and browse completed field interviews from within the app. A new searchable Mobile Field Interview List section under Data Management is included as well as specific read only Overview pages for viewing submitted field interview details and photographs. Access to the app and DS7 screens are managed via a new Field Interview Role.

Additional Enhancements and Corrections

  • Configured the KML for the CHP Public CAD to include geolocation in the Watchboard for the Cal COP statewide instance.
  • Added the Display Name (first name + last name) to accompany the Username throughout DS7 user interface. This new approach better supports ID-based user accounts.
  • Fixed a bug on the Admin User Account List screen that caused the “Show me users logged in during past x days” filters to display incorrect results.
  • Corrected a time zone bug in the “Last Saved on m/d/yy hh:mm:ss” message that appears in the upper right toolbar when users save data within DS7.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error on the Asset-less Damage Assessment pages when Section Complete was checked.
  • Relabeled the Photo Security “Public” dropdown choice to “General” instead. Avoids notion that photographs are public to the general public when they indeed obey the data security assignments based upon the main object to which they are attached.
  • Increased System Deployment Configurability for Haystax Deployment Engineers, including a configurable optional FAQ link that has been added to the login screen.


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