Haystax User Group 2017 Coming!

Haystax User Group 2017 Coming!

The third iteration of our popular Haystax User Group meeting is coming in 2017. The HUG is tentatively scheduled to be held in conjunction with the Homeland Security Conference in Buffalo, NY, on June 6-8 OR in conjunction with the National Fusion Center Association Conference in Alexandria, VA, on November 7-9. The details of the HUG will be announced soon, followed by invitations to local program managers. A survey regarding the venue will be sent out this week.

Topics covered in the HUG in the past have included best practices in using Cal COP for situational awareness during special events, as well as for risk management programs. This year we also anticipate having some discussion around usage of Haystax’ Constellation platform.

Stay tuned here for more!

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