Haystax/Cal COP Updated to Version 2.20

Haystax/Cal COP Updated to Version 2.20

Haystax/Cal COP has been updated!

Update 2.20 was released today, February 9. The update included the following features:

  • Asset and Field Report List Pages – Implemented redesigned and improved left side filters as well as pagination controls.
  • Asset List Page – Improved display and added support for multi-select fields displayed in a column
  • Field Report List – Moved date filter to the filters side menu to make date/time based searches more visible, intuitive. Refactored how date/time range selection is being presented
  • Help App>Training – New training videos available on Help page: Share Your Location via Mobile Haystax; Submit Field Reports
  • System/Housekeeping – Improvements to Neutron server packaging

Update 2.20 also addressed numerous bugs.

  • Fixed – Error sometimes thrown when attempting to run search from Search Modal (navigation bar “Search” option)
  • Fixed – Clickable area on some Assessment answer fields is too wide
  • Fixed – Assessment attachment permissions not visible once submitted
  • Fixed – Location widget sometimes incorrectly displaying scrollbar area on the side of the map image
  • Fixed – Edit modals on some widgets incorrectly formatting header title
  • Fixed – Assessment spreadsheet export issue when filtered by an option containing space in the text
  • Fixed – Alignment issue on the Invitation dialog options
  • Fixed – Unable to filter Assessment list by type when name contains special characters
  • Fixed – Some Events can be created without a proper title


Please reach out to your Haystax representative with any questions or feedback.


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