Haystax/Cal COP Updated to Version 2.13

Haystax/Cal COP Updated to Version 2.13

Haystax/Cal COP has been updated!

Update 2.13 to Haystax was released today, July 1. The update included the following features:

  • Assessment auto-save feature – Introduced an Assessment auto-save, which allows for automatic content saving while user works on assessment questions.
  • Assessment scoring configuration validation – Implemented validation mechanism to ensure properly functioning scoring configuration for assessments.
  • Cascading dropdown options – Added support to define and link cascading dropdown menus in the Asset app. Selecting item on parent dropdown list causes a child dropdown list to be populated with items related to the parent.
  • Save/Print to PDF capability – Enabled save and print list pages for Field Reports and Redaction Audit Log to PDF.
  • Event List export – Improved export functionality by introducing additional content filtering controls.
  • Updated customer specific help content
  • Updated Cal COP specific logos and branding

Update 2.13 also addressed numerous bugs.

  • Fixed – Input field formatting adjustments in the Assessment template builder.
  • Fixed – Corrections in the configuration, logic and use of dependent questions in Assessments.
  • Fixed – Minor issues with creating an Assessment that has a scoring configuration defined.
  • Fixed – Users cannot create an assessment if the assessment template name contains special characters.
  • Fixed – Assessment roll-up report not filtering properly on Asset Type.
  • Fixed – Unredact Audit Log page incorrectly displaying some redacted data.
  • Fixed – Formatting and visibility issues for Assessments marked as PCII.
  • Fixed – Map app configuration dialog sometimes displays permissions incorrectly.

Please reach out to your Haystax representative with any questions or feedback.


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