Cal COP used to support Oakland Raiders’ home games

Cal COP used to support Oakland Raiders’ home games

The California Common Operating Picture for Threat Awareness (Cal COP) is being used for field reporting and situational awareness at Oakland Raiders home games throughout the 2016-2017 National Football League (NFL) season.

Mobile Indicator interface with picture and mapped location
Mobile Indicator application, NCRIC Field Reporter

Haystax is working in coordination with the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (NCRIC) and venue operator AEG Facilities to deploy the Mobile Indicator field reporting application (pictured above) and provide just-in-time training to local, federal and private-sector stakeholders. The Oakland-Alameda Coliseum, where Raiders home games are held, accommodates over 60,000 fans and is located in Oakland, CA. The next Raiders home game is on November 27 against the Carolina Panthers.

Personnel deployed with the Mobile Indicator app will report information from throughout the stadium during the games – as well as pre-game tailgating parties in the parking lots – using a customized menu of activity types, including Crowd Size, Unattended Items, Disorderly Conduct and Illegal Merchandise Sales. Users are also able to see the locations of other members of their team directly from the mobile application. Inside the Oakland Coliseum Security Operations Center, stakeholders monitor and track field reports, information feeds and incidents.

San Francisco Bay Area public safety agencies and other major metropolitan areas around California have used versions of Cal COP since 2009. This year alone, Cal COP was deployed at many significant large-scale events, including Super Bowl 50, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, Copa America, Bay to Breakers, San Francisco Pride Parade and Festival, and the Greater Palm Springs Pride Parade.

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