Cal COP Helps First Responders Secure Long Beach Marathon

Cal COP Helps First Responders Secure Long Beach Marathon

Haystax Technology’s California Common Operating Picture for Threat Awareness (Cal COP) platform was used by public safety officials to provide situational awareness during the 2016 JetBlue Long Beach Marathon & Half Marathon on October 9. The 30th anniversary of the marathon drew more than 20,000 runners and an additional 20,000 spectators to the greater Long Beach area.

“We deploy the Cal COP tools to support our Homeland Security efforts,” said Sgt. David Marander of the Long Beach Police Department. “These tools help to strengthen our capabilities and add value to our operations.”

A number of prominent news outlets noted Cal COP’s involvement in securing the race, including the Houston Chronicle, Government Security News, and KCTV-TV (CBS) in Kansas City, MO.

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