EMSWorld highlights Cal COP usage during Yellow Command

EMSWorld highlights Cal COP usage during Yellow Command

EMSWorld, a key source for emergency management news, highlighted Haystax Technology’s role in the San Francisco Bay Area’s Yellow Command 2016 emergency management exercise. The exercise, part of Urban Shield 2016, brought together Bay Area jurisdictions, as well as Los Angeles City and Los Angeles County with mutual aid support, to exercise and evaluate the Regional Catastrophic Earthquake Logistics Response Plan for the Bay Area.

As part of Yellow Command, the Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) used the cloud-based California Common Operating Picture (Cal COP) for Threat Awareness, powered by Haystax and used by UASIs across the state for providing risk analysis and risk management capabilities for emergency response. Another purpose of Yellow Command was to activate multiple emergency operations centers (EOCs) in an effort to determine how to best prioritize the distribution of resources—like food and water—to affected areas following a major disaster.

“Many of the agencies that need to coordinate in a time of emergency are using Cal COP every day for routine operations and insight,” said Chriss Knisley, President of Haystax Technology, in an interview with EMSWorld. “They’ve used the system day in and day out—in some cases for years—so there isn’t the same lag as the users shake out the cobwebs of how they learned to do something two years ago. We at Haystax believe this continuum of daily operations [from] incident response to crisis response is the best model for ensuring community safety every day.”

Please click here to read more about Yellow Command on EMSWorld.com

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